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Home Alarm Clock Freeware, for people who often rely on alarm clocks to get up at a specific and important time to get ready for a meeting or catch up with their daily schedule.

A variety of devices have home alarm clock features including the ordinary digital and analog desk clocks, digital watches, mobile phones, and even some portable devices. Computer alarm clock freeware is also available on many websites and available for downloads.

The latter is often used as a substitute for the desk clocks since they serve as multipurpose devices, but they all have one thing in common - they run on batteries and if the battery runs out while you sleep, the home alarm may not sound. If you don't want to shell out some bucks for a home alarm clock and have a computer or laptop in your room, you can settle for a home alarm clock application that can wake you up using different approaches.

Usefulness of Alarm Clock Freeware

The freeware is great for people that leave their computers on 24 hours a day since the alarm clock functions only if the computer is on. The best thing about alarm clock software is the ability to customize the sound that plays when the alarm triggers. The loudness or softness of the sound depends on your speaker volume so you have better control on the alarm sound.

Alarm clocks do not have to be for waking up alone and can be useful while actively using the computer. You can set the reminders that will alarm you at a certain time and then have the software run in the background until the set time is reached where the alarm sounds.

Good Features to Look For

Alarm clock software that supports many audio formats are nice because it avoids the need of using 3rd party conversion tools just for the sound file to be imported properly. Other alarm clock freeware may have automatic shutdown and wake up feature where the alarm can still function even if the computer is on standby. This is great if you don't want to leave your computer on and consume electricity just for the alarm features to work.

If you are into style, try to find alarm clocks that have skinning support so you can display them on your desktop or spice up your taskbar with one if supported. Skinnable alarm clocks add a lot of visual customization options especially if it is popular.

Timing options are also good features to have for better setting of alarms. With these additional options, you do not have to set an exact time for an alarm to trigger. Instead you can use a countdown timer or stopwatch timer that alarms after a number of minutes or hours. Recurring alarms and daily alarms are also nice to have as you only need to spend time with the software once and then let it go on its own.

Alarm clock freeware applications are a lot more versatile than standard alarms especially if you own a laptop, netbook, or tablet PC. Fortunately, you can find many applications that do these features in popular download sites such as Download.com or Softpedia.

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