Big Ben Alarm Clocks in your Home

Big Ben History

The first of the Big Ben alarm clocks were sold back in 1909 manufactured by a company known as Westclox.

The design of that clock doesn't resemble the real Big Ben face, but it has a nice antique finish and stayed on the market for nearly a decade. The following year in 1910, the first Baby Ben alarm clock was sold.

Throughout these years, the designs of the clocks evolved with greater variety until a bankruptcy followed in 2001 where the trademarks "Westclox" and "Big Ben" acquired by Salton Inc. Then in 2007, NYL Holdings purchased all of the products and trademarks where Big Ben Alarm Clocks are currently being showcased in their website.

The Big Ben located in London is highly recognized by people around the world as the most popular landmark in all of United Kingdom. Statistically, it is also the largest four-faced clock in the world that added chimes. Looking at the tower in pictures is already a sight to see especially if witnessed during dusk and night times. The Big Ben also functions well in its time keeping functions. Those that appreciate the style of the Big Ben faces can go for the Alarm Clocks that are compact and display very nicely on tabletops.

Big Ben Alarm Clock


The regular Big Ben Alarm Clocks and the Baby Ben Alarm Clocks serve as the two types of alarm clocks that have the "Big Ben" brand. Although their prices are similar, Baby Ben Alarm Clocks are a little bit smaller and usually have numbered faces to make them easier to see. Some Big Ben Clocks may have numbered faces as well.


Many of the Big Ben clocks are antique and have some resemblance to the original Big Ben tower clock face. Many of the styles available have a corresponding number that collectors often use as reference. The numbered style represents its generation with the Big Ben Style 1 as the clock that was first sold in 1909 all the way up to the current Big Ben Style 10 which was made in 2001. From styles 2 and onward, many case color variations were made.

Many of the styles aren't numbered with some encased in wood while others in metal. Some of the designs have illuminated hands so that they can be visible at night. Colors are usually on the antique side using hints of gold and silver on the frame casing with black or white faces. All of the Big Ben alarm clocks do not require electricity to operate and have a dedicated winder for setting the time and alarm respectively. The alarm shutoff button is usually found on the top.


Big Ben Clocks may be found in antique stores or department stores in sections where other antique clocks are being sold. They normally cost from $10 to $20 and can be obtained from online sources such as as well.

Big Ben is a great brand of home alarm clocks for its large history and overall design of the clocks. The built-in alarm function serves as in inexpensive way to wake up on time.

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