The Online Alarm Clock

The Online Alarm Clock work for some people on tight schedules who may need to be reminded on certain times to get important tasks done especially when they are preoccupied with the computer most of the time.

With most computer users spending most of their time surfing the net, time can quickly pass due to the many things that you do online and without an alarm clock, that can be costly if you miss something important.

Real alarm clocks can be a pain to configure and sometimes you can forget setting them too while computer alarm clock applications require you to find them and learn how they work. An online alarm may be the answer for its simplicity and ease of use.

How they Work

Online clocks work on the server where the website is hosted. This means that all of the timing is handled on their end or synchronized automatically with a trusted time source. Other alarm clocks may use the time that your computer is currently using to avoid time zone issues. When the alarm clock website is loaded, the time is usually presented down to the second with the basic alarm setting functions and choice of sound to be made. More sophisticated alarms may be powered by Java or Flash and may have a number of designs for style preferences.

Advantages over other Alarm Clocks

Online alarms boast a few advantages over alarm clocks of other categories. When compared with traditional devices, there is no need rely on battery power if your computer is plugged in and connected to the Internet so you are certain that the alarm will sound on the set time.

Unlike other alarm clock software available, an online alarm runs completely on the web browser requiring no extra software to be installed with the exception of Adobe Flash or Java runtime files if the clock utilizes them. All that is needed is to add your favorite online alarm clock to your bookmarks and then fire it up after you loaded your web browser when you need an alarm to sound.

Since all modern browsers support multiple tabs, you can easily leave a tab dedicated for an alarm clock rather than having an application run in the background with your web browser which can consume a bit more resources. If used with a stable web browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, the alarm is very likely to function without any errors. Some timers may run even when disconnected from the Internet as long as the tab was preloaded and remains open.

Popular Online Alarm Clocks

The online alarm clock found at is the one of the most basic clocks available with a large display of the time in a black background resembling a standard digital clock. It is also customizable allowing adjustments to be made on the size of the clock and the color. Setting the alarm is as easy as choosing the hour and minute where a standard beep is played. Other sites like and allow custom sounds to be set.

All of these online alarm clocks load instantly on a regular DSL connection and are the perfect choice for people that do not need any advanced events and just want the same functionality of a desktop digital clock.

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