The Alarm Guy

Years ago I was living in an economically depressed city in the Midwest.

I purchased a home for $1.00 through a lottery run by the city. The area was crime infested and eventually someone broke into my house twice.

The first time they took all the electronics, the second time they took all the meat from the freezer after a major purchase from the butcher shop. My 2 Afgan hounds hid while the burglars took everything, instead of attacking.

A few years later I was working the 9 p.m. to 8 a.m. shift. I was sound asleep in my front bedroom and was aroused with people shouting. I looked out the side window to see my neighbor with a water hose pointing towards my detached garage. Flames had completely destroyed the structure. A heat sensor or smoke detector would have provided some warning, but neither was installed.

Since then, I have installed burglar and fire alarms in every residence and apartment I have lived in.

The Alarm Guy

I was telling my stories to a coworker who then said he knew how to install burglar and fire alarms and that if I helped with the labor he could save me a lot of money.

The installation was easy and we decided to go into business together installing alarm systems is homes and businesses. I am starting this site to offer information about the types of alarms and alerts being used today. I have installed an alarm in every home or apartment I have ever lived in and am conscious about every form of alarm or alert device available today.

I will provide information to help you seek out the right solution for your protection needs, for you and/or your family.

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