Refrigerator Door Alarm

If you and your family just can't seem to remember to close the fridge door, try a Refrigerator Door Alarm so you don't waste anymore energy and money.

Are you sure your fridge door is closed? With a Refrigerator Alarm, you can always be sure!.

Do you have a house full of people constantly going in and out of the fridge and not always closing the door? Or are there just a few family members with the bad habit of not closing the refrigerator door?

Whatever the reason, having the door open unnecessarily wastes energy. This alarm promotes food safety and food quality at all times by making it easier to keep track of refrigerator and freezer temperature.

Protect your frozen food with a freezer alarm. There is an Audio/Visual Refrigerator/Freezer Alarm that is a specialty thermometer that alerts the user if refrigerator or freezer temperature rises to an unsafe level for food storage.

The refrigerator monitor continually monitors the temperature of your refrigerators triggering a dialer or alarm if they become unsafe. Refrigerator Door Alarm The alarm is user settable and can be set for both a high and a low temperature. Each alarm also has a delay time so you do not get false alarms when someone opens a door.

The door alarm circuit may be applied in old and new refrigerators as well as freezer doors, cupboards, entrance doors, and closet doors for child safety, to prevent unnecessary waste of energy causing huge electricity bills and accidental defrosts especially if they contain valuable materials that should not be thawed.

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