Deciding which iPod Alarm Clock to Get

Which iPod Alarm Clock? Millions of iPods have been sold since the very first generation units were sold starting in 2001.

People enjoy filling up their iPods with large amounts of music files so they have full access to their albums and play all of their favorite tracks in a user-defined playlist or simply play them all in shuffle. The iPod is also backed with amazing sound quality through a pair of special Apple-branded headphones that are included in the package.

With all of the space available for more than enough music to be stored, various third-party accessories were made available for iPod users to get more out of their portable device.

iPod Alarm Clock

Some people even turned their iPod into an alarm clock so people do not have to wake up to the annoying beeping sound and instead wake up after hearing their favorite or noisiest music tracks. Getting the right alarm clock is important because there are different alarm clocks for the iPod that specialize in certain areas. These areas will be analyzed to help make that final decision on which alarm clock to get.

Sound Quality

Sound quality should be taken as a top priority especially for people that want something that is loud and just as reliable as their traditional alarm clock no matter what song is playing. It is important to remember that music won't only be played when the alarm triggers. All iPod clocks basically act as ordinary iPod docks where music can be played through the speakers at any time. Products made by manufacturers that are famous with home speakers like the JBL On Time are good to check out if sound quality is a preference.


Portability can also be considered if the alarm clock won't stay stationary in one location. If the alarm clock is needed
in the next camping trip, a good product to get is the SDI iHome iH4B and JVC RA-P10. Just take note that portable alarm clocks have average sound quality.


iPod alarm clocks generally look like ordinary radios and are usually white in color to match the iPod itself. It can still be important when matching it with the other items in the room. The SDI iHome iH4B is good to get if a black design is needed. The Memorex iWake is more on the elegant side with a sleek design. The JBL On Time has a nice halo design to back up the amazing sound quality.

Extra Features

Some iPod alarm clocks like the SDI iHome iH5 have extra features like a remote control for controlling some of the settings remotely and line-in and line-out jacks for added connectivity options. Many of the alarm clocks excluding the cheaper SDI iHome iH4B have a built-in radio function when there is a need to listen to a calm radio station to fall asleep to. Advanced iPod alarm clocks like the Tivoli Audio iYiYi have a built-in dock that charges the iPod and provides Radio Data System feeds from any stations that support them.

After all these features are weighed in, check out the price tag to see if it is worth paying for. Remember this iPod alarm clock aims to replace the small radio and traditional alarm clock so maybe a cheap $40 model will do unless sound quality and other features is a must.

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