Set Fraud Alerts Right From Your Home!

Fraud alerts can prove to be extremely beneficial when it comes to protecting your credit and finances as a whole.

In today's world of criminal activity involving identity theft , it is important to learn how to set the alerts on your credit report. It is important to understand, though, that these alerts are now 100% guaranteed to prevent being affected by a crime that affects your credit.

It is merely a preventative measure that works in conjunction with keeping tabs on your credit report regularly, and ensuring that your personal and financial data is protected at all times.

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Fraud notifications are a type of "call for attention" attached to your credit report. If you have a telephone number in which you can be reached, you may place this type of alert on your credit report.

You may have fraud notifications placed on your credit report from all of the main credit bureaus in the United States. When someone makes an attempt to open an account that requires an inquiry into those credit reports, a lender will take that information and contact you directly.

Examples include attempting to acquire a credit card, applying for a loan for a purchase such as that of a new car, or attempting to sign up for merchandise that requires a contract agreement on merchandise such as that of a cell phone. Law does not require lenders to take the time to contact you even though you may be signed up for fraud alerts, but many will out of consideration.

Setting up

Setting up can be a challenging undertaking, but if you have the knowledge of how to do it, and the time to do it, it is relatively easy and can be accomplished in no time. When setting up fraud alerts, you should contact each of the main credit agencies known to the United States.

These include that of Experian, Equifax, and also TransUnion. You will want to contact the actual department within each agency that handles fraudulent activity. When talking to this department, you will want to highlight the fact that you want them to place what is referred to as a "flag" on your credit report.

If you are not comfortable handling fraud notifications on your own, there are many companies that specialize in handling these. An example of this type of company includes one named Debix. Not only do they file an initial request, but will also file the request continuously every three months.


Every single day, thousands of individuals are subjected to crimes that involve their credit and their identity as a whole. While fraud notoifications are not the only course of action that should be taken to protect your credit and finances, they are a step in the right direction.

Fraud alerts should be used along with checking on your credit report on a regular basis, as well as making every effort to protect your personal and financial data.

If you are interested in setting up fraud notification, be sure to contact the actual fraud department of each of the three main credit reporting agencies in the United States for assistance.

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