How to Prevent ID Theft

ID theft or fraud is a crime, but it is one that is difficult to prosecute. In fact, the criminals responsible are rarely found.

This is why authorities recommend that we take measures to prevent it. Programs like ID watchdog can help you do that.

There are some things that everyone should do to help reduce the risk that their personal information will be stolen and used by someone else. The first things have to do with checking the mail.

If you are not receiving all of the bills you normally get, you could be a victim of ID theft. Someone could be using your name and their address in order to get credit. People do this to qualify for automobiles and even home mortgages. One of the ways that they get hold of your personal information is by stealing your mail.

One of the features provided by ID watchdog is a "behavioral risk assessment". By asking you simple questions about whether or not your mailbox is secured and how often you check it, they can help you identify simply ways to help prevent this crime.

Criminals need your social security number in order to use your name. One thing that you can do to ensure that this does not happen is to never give your social security number to anyone.

ID watchdog has the ability to determine whether or not you have already become a victim. The system can also identify any at-risk locations where your personal information is stored.

Identity Theft Monitoring

If the system believes that identity theft has already occurred and your information has been stolen, it will advise you to report an initial fraud alert to the major credit bureaus. It also provides the information that helps you do that.

Checking your credit report on an annual basis is one of the ways to keep an eye on things. Many people have no idea that they are entitled to a free copy of that report once a year. If fraud is suspected, the bureaus must provide copies on an as-needed basis in addition to the free annual reports.

ID watchdog includes information about how to contact the major credit bureaus, as well as the right things to say to them. Saying the wrong thing could cause you problems if you needed to apply for credit.

Millions of Americans are victims of identity theft and credit related fraud on an annual basis. Don't join them. Learn more about how to protect your good name.

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