The Best Alarm Clocks for Waking You Up

Many of the best alarm clocks are sold in regular department stores and some electronic stores have that one goal, to wake people up with a loud or annoying sound.

The best alarm clocks have a snooze button that can be used to stop the sound to get some extra minutes of sleep until the next alarm sounds. Since the snooze button can be repetitively used, these alarm clocks may not be effective for everyone.

Other alarm clocks that cost a bit more squeeze in some more features including dual alarm support and radio support, but these best alarms clocks pull off all kinds of innovative techniques to make sure that you wake up.

Best Alarm Clocks

Blowfly Alarm Clock

The Blowfly Alarm Clock is one of the older unique best alarm clocks around, but still deserves a spot in the list for its approach in waking a person up. When the set time triggers, the top component of the alarm flies mimicking the patterns of a real blowfly where in you must catch the blowfly and put it back in its place for the alarm to stop. Because of the movements involved in getting it, it should wake you up although there is no hope of snoozing and no digital feature.

ClearSounds Wake & Shake Alarm Clock

This alarm clock resembles other stylish digital clocks and doesn't have any moving parts to utilize to wake you up. However, it provides all sorts of unique ways to make sure that you are wake thanks to the strobe light that it is equipped with that flashes when the alarm sounds.
The alarm tone can be customized and plays very loudly nearing the decibel count of a jackhammer. A pad can also be attached to the alarm clock that is to be placed under a pillow. When the alarm sounds in this configuration, the pad vibrates until manually shut off or snoozed. It can also be plugged into a telephone jack to relay the sounds of telephone rings.

Sfera Alarm Clock

The Sfera Alarm Clock is a great choice if the Blowfly Alarm Clock proves to be a chore to turn off. Although setting it up can be a bit trickier than normal alarm clocks, the Sfera Alarm Clock works nicely where the alarm clock is suspended in the ceiling with enough height for you to reach up to snooze the alarm. However, the next time the alarm sounds, the alarm clock is raised a little bit higher requiring you to get up to turn it off and so on.


Clocky is by far one of the best alarm clocks available for people that love the snooze function. It is basically a standard digital clock with a pair of wheels and only goes to work after the snooze button is pressed. The next time the alarm sounds, Clocky rolls away to find a hiding spot in the room requiring you to look for the device to turn it off. What makes it even better is that it finds another hiding spot the next time Clocky sounds even if it is positioned in the same spot.

These clocks do come at a higher price going above $20 with some going above even $50, but for people that really need to wake up for important meetings, any of these alarm clocks should do the work nicely.

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