Bed Wetting Alarms are Found to be Productive in Homes, Too!

Bed wetting alarms are found to be productive for children and seniors.

If you or someone that you are close to suffers from Nocturnal Enuresis, or "Involuntary Urination at Night", it is important to understand that bed wetting alarms may prove to be highly beneficial.

Those who are at a point in their lives in which they should have gained effective control over their bladder, yet still wet their beds at night are said to experience this condition.

While bed wetting is considered to be a relatively common pediatric condition, it is important to understand that adults may also suffer from Nocturnal Enuresis. Bed wetting may be a direct result of a developmental delay in an individual, a medical condition, and even an emotional disorder.

An alarm is placed on the sufferer of this condition as a means of alerting them that an accident has occurred. In this guide, you will learn how this alarm technology works to improve the quality of life for the sufferer of this condition.

If you are a parent or another adult coping with the challenges of bedwetting in a child, you will absolutely love the benefit of integrating a bed wetting alarm into your nightly regimen. This is a technologically advanced piece of equipment that is simple to understand and put to use.

There are units that are wireless and units that can be worn on the arms of the child. In addition to this, a bed wetting alarm that is a pad style can also be purchased. The device has a special sensor located within it that is able to quickly detect moisture.

It also has a built in alarm. Once the sensor indicates that moisture is present, the alarm is indicated in order to wake up the child that is wearing the alarm. While this informs the child that they are officially "wet", it also reminds them that they need to wake up in periodic intervals at night in order to use the restroom.

For adults at home that experience the condition of Nocturnal Enuresis as a result of a medical condition, such as Multiple Sclerosis, this alarm works in much the same manner. In a number of adult patients, the nerves that run from the bladder to the brain are damaged or the signals are slow and that results in accidents when it comes to their urinary tract. The alarm helps to remind the person by a certain conditioning in the brain that they must wake up and make an attempt to empty the bladder.

The same types of alarms that are available for children are available for adults as well. Typically, adults that require an alarm find that they are most comfortable with the pad device or the unit that is wireless. The pad type alarm is placed over the bed and the patient lies down on it.

If moisture is detected, the alarm is emitted. In the wireless model, a wire or other sensor is placed on the undergarments. Bed wetting alarms have been found to be highly beneficial for those that suffer from Nocturnal Enuresis, and in some cases, are covered by health insurance companies so that they are affordable to those that require them.


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