Bed Motion Alarm

The bed motion alarm works just like automatic motion-detection lights.

When the beam is interrupted, the alarm is sounded.

This passive infrared alarm affixes to the headboard or bed frame, allowing patient to move freely within bed. This system utilizes mats with proximity technology to detect patient's attempt to exit the bed or chair. Imagine an invisible curtain hanging alongside a bed that, when pierced by an arm, leg, or head triggers an alarm.

Bed motion monitors and alarms for detection of erratic movement.

The motion detector fits between the box spring and the mattress. The transmitter has built in tone alarms that can be set to produce a sound alarm when a bed motion monitor has detected a convulsive-type movement or cessation of breathing.

Bed Motion Alarm

The monitor can, in some cases detect a person’s breathing and raise an alarm should breathing stop.

The bed motion alarm is for detection of convulsive type movements, such as seizures.

The monitor can, in some cases detect a person’s breathing and raise an alarm should a baby’s breathing stop. For breathing detection, the sensor detects the minute movements created by breathing. A sensor is placed under the mattress or a child's crib mattress.

If breaths become very slow or stop altogether, the monitor will generate an alarm.

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