Is a Barking Dog Alarm the Best Option for My Home?

A barking dog alarm is an option for scaring off intruders from your home or business. Some models will also trigger the lights of your home to go off and on. Although this system is not connected to a monitoring station or police department, it could create enough noise and draw enough attention to make a burglar change his mind. The barking dog alarm usually sounds like that of an angry German shepherd. Not many burglars would stop to find out whether or not a real shepherd was present in your home.


Not all burglars think alike according to crime prevention specialists. Some are smarter than others. A smart burglar might watch your home for weeks. He or she would know that you don't really have a German shepherd.

Teenagers and other inexperienced criminals would be frightened away by the noise and the lights. Outdoor lights are something that the specialists say all burglars hate, because they make them feel exposed.

But not all robberies occur at night. Many occur during the daytime while the homeowner is at work and the kids are away at school. Outdoor lighting won't help to deter a daytime burglar.

One thing that you need to remember is that the barking dog alarm has been advertised on TV. Burglars watch TV, too. There are affordable alternatives.

Wireless technology has made it easier for homeowners to install their own fully functioning security systems. The systems include window sensors and motion detectors. Sirens may sound. Phone numbers may be called.

One of the programmable systems allows for 5 different numbers to be listed. The system will call each number in order to notify the owners that their security system has been breached.

These wireless systems don't cost much more than barking dog home alarms. One big advantage that the systems have is that the thief may be caught in the act.

The only thing that a noisemaker of any kind will do is scare off the thief. That is a good idea. But if you are like most people, you would like for the thief to be caught.

Any home security system increases the likelihood that the burglar will be apprehended, because the police will be notified quickly. Lights or noisemakers may scare the crook away, but they won't call the cops.

There are many other options that you might want to consider before you invest in a barking dog alarm. While any effort you make to protect your home is worthwhile, some options are better investments than others.


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