Best Home Alarm System for Security and Convenience

The best home alarm. Every home contains valuables owned by different members of the family living in it. Keeping the home safely locked while away or during the night time is the first layer of security to prevent unauthorized entries that can endanger the people and put their valuables at risk. Even with a locked door, burglars can find their way through other means such as the back door or window.

In fact 85% of the burglaries occur through the front door making an alarm system even more important to install. This doesn't mean that any alarm system should be installed as some alarm systems do not perform well or are not ideal for the type of home setup. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the different types of home alarm systems in order to make a good conclusion on the best home alarm system for security and convenience.

Types of Home Alarm Systems

Hard Wired

The most traditional types of home alarm systems are hard wired by making use of the telephone line. While it has a good advantage in being the most expensive type of alarm system, this system can be completely broken if a burglar is smart enough to cut the phone line.

It is best for newer homes to make use of this system since the land lines aren't as exposed as the older homes.



Fortunately, older homes can go with the cellular system since it makes use of a central station rather than a physical line. A wireless signal is sent to the central station through cell phone, but what makes it reliable is that the alarm system won't be deactivated if a dropped call is made as system runs over a two-way network that is different than the actual network of the cellular phone. This is actually the best system to get although there are two other systems available as well.


The wireless system uses a land line like the hard wired system, but uses wireless transmissions to make it easier to move the system when moving to a new home. This can be very convenient in the event of moving before the contract expires.


The cable system takes a unique approach by relying on the broadband Internet as a means of communication. Its only two downsides are the fact that the Internet cable can be cut by thieves and that the system is rendered useless if Internet connection is temporarily disconnected.

Setting up the Best Home Alarm System

While each set up has its advantages and disadvantages, the best home alarm system will always have door sensors for any exterior doors and windows sensors for windows that are out of street view. Motion sensors are also a must to cover common areas where burglars are likely to pass through.

It is also important to get an alarm system that has the most updated control panel having features like 2-way calling so other authorities can help or false alarms can be reported. Going through all the effort in setting up a solid alarm system is worthwhile to keep the home much safer from harm.


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