Windows Live Alerts from Microsoft

Windows Live Alerts are a group of special alerts created by Microsoft. In the earliest days of these alerts, they were referred to as "MSN Alerts". While there are many services offered from Windows Live, the alerts remain to be among the most popular of them all. Users, just like yourself, have the capability of receiving information that is considered to be "time sensitive" from a wide assortment of providers such as MSNBC.Com, FOX Sports, Match.Com, CareerBuilder.Com, and several others.

Regardless of where a registrant may be located, and no matter what type of device they used to connect to the internet, Windows Live Alerts will arrive instantly, providing individuals with the knowledge and information that they need - whenever they need it.

Windows Live offers various types of services that are both free and subscription based. The alerts are free to those that have what is referred to as a "Windows Live ID". If you elect to sign up for alerts, it is important to know and understand that many providers of specific content, and those that offer connectivity to the World Wide Web may charge for the messages to be sent and/or read.

If you are going to receive the alerts on a home or office computer, then most internet service providers will allow you to do so at no additional charge. However, if you are going to receive the alerts on a cell phone or a MiFi device, it is important to know that you may be charged fees for text messaging, emails, and/or airtime. In order to know whether or not any fees apply to you, it is important to contact any service providers and inquire.

Windows Live Alerts are not yet offered on a worldwide basis, but they likely will be in the future. Individuals in the United States and Canada may receive these alerts. In addition to this, those that reside in China may also receive the alerts. If you are interested in signing up for these messages, you will be pleased to know that you may customize them in several ways.

First of all, you may set the time zone according to the one that you are in, or other time zones. You may provide details on where you want the messages to be sent, and even receive messages through the popular massaging program, Windows Live Messenger. If there are certain times of the day that you are not online, or do not want to receive messages, you can actually set what is referred to as a "quiet time".

The following lists examples of alerts that you may receive with the Windows Live service:

  • Scores and various types of updates related to your favorite sports
  • Forecasts and various weather emergencies pertaining to the area in which you reside
  • Reminders related to appointments that you make, and even due dates if you implement the use of the calendar feature associated with Windows Live or MSN
  • Alerts pertaining to abducted and missing children in your community, as well as neighboring communities
  • Job and business opportunities that are posted on the popular website, CareerBuilder.Com

As you can see, these alerts can inform you of many events that occur in the world that are customized to your specifications.

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