Who Invented the Burglar Alarm?

Who invented the Burglar Alarm? A worry about keeping our homes and valuables safe has been a concern for people for years.

They have developed various ways to keep them safe from thieves. An English inventor who invented the burglar alarm system was the first to bring the system to light. He did so by linking bells with the locking mechanism of the door; when the door is opened or the lock picked, the system would go off, alerting the homeowner.

Some years later, in 1850, the use of electricity and a magnet was used by Augustus Pope of Boston to make a system using contact points that caused the alarm when the circuit was broken.

The use of electrical power changed how the security system worked. With the faster acceptance of electrical burglar alarms, the use of electricity in the workplace and home increased.

AT&T became the first to pioneer the system, connecting it to the emergency call systems for fire and police personnel. The system was widespread by the end of World War II and a short forty years later, it was widespread across the nation.

Today, the latest in wireless technology has been combined with the use of surveillance cameras, motion detectors and tracking devices. This has been added to what was once a fairly simple system.

The modern systems are used in all types of homes from mobile homes to the stately mansions in Hollywood. Many times, they are linked by computers to the police station so that a rapid response can be initiated from law enforcement authorities when the home is broken into.

There is a great difference between insurance and security. The security systems help by preventing unauthorized entry into a home or office. Insurance, on the other hand, is concerned with the value of the items inside, should fire, flood or burglary occur.

The decision as to the type of burglar system you should use depends on many different factors, such as what you have to protect. A home needing protection for a collection of rare collectable items will need a different kind of system then one for a homeowner who wants to protect the electronic computers and media system in the home.

When all the precautions have been taken for your valuables by using a video record and burglar system to prevent theft it gives the homeowner a sense of security.

Sometimes things do get stolen and often it is the sentimental items that bring the most hurt; for example, the first set of earrings and necklace that you bought your sweetheart or mother.

The need for home alarm systems and burglar alarms is increasing today as a society values of respecting other people's belongs has decreased. Burglar alarms are a much-appreciated invention, both in modern day and were appreciated in the early 18th century as well.


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