Travel Safety Tips

Travel safety tips are generally things you already know. Traveling to somewhere that you don't know--seeing new sights and meeting new people is the best part of vacation or travel trips to unknown destinations.

Traveling to out of the way place without knowing exactly where you are going and what you are going to be doing is also part of what can make travel a bit more dangerous.

There are those who are set up to take advantage of travelers and who will assure that the time you spend will be spent without money if you let them. A few simple travel safety tips can help you to avoid problems while you're traveling around the United States or in other destinations.

Just a few simple travel safety tips can help you to be you're most secure as you travel.

  • Don't list your home address on the tag of your luggage.

  • If you're on travel for your business, use the business address. This covers you in case of loss of your luggage but will also prevent one of the most common travel scams that take place. Someone views luggage at the airport of bus station, makes a call telling someone else that you are not at home and your home is watched and then when found to be empty, robbed while you're away. One way to avoid this is to use luggage tags that are covered or ask permission and then put the name and address of a friend who will not be away on your luggage so that if it is lost it has somewhere to go.

  • Stay with your luggage at all times until it is checked onto the plane or bus. Leaving your luggage alone until you check it is a bad way to travel and leaves your luggage open to having things that you didn't put there inside it.

  • Carry your passport, extra cash, driver's license, and other types of identification on you at all times.

  • Don't ever check any kind of material that you can't afford to lose. The reality is that your luggage may be lose or stolen and if it is, you're not going to be able to enjoy your vacation at all.

  • Get medications filled prior to leaving and make sure that it is all labeled and legally stored. In some countries there are types of medication which are illegal. Find out if you're going to be in a country where you are not able to have your medication.

  • Be careful about what you wear. Unless you're Arnold or Mister T, wearing an expensive watch, several gold rings and some

    thing that says you've got a great deal of money or affluence is not a good idea.

  • One travel safety tip that many do not pay attention to is to not draw undue attention to you.

  • Travelers should be very careful to keep their eye on their drinks glass. This is true especially for women but also for men. Knowing what you're going to be drinking is a good way to be sure that you get to your destination safely and get there with all your property intact.

  • Make sure that key cards are what are used in your hotel room doors and be certain that you have a peephole and a chain or bar lock. Key locked hotel room doors without the added safety features are not the place to stay.

  • If you have a cell phone that does not work where you will be, get one that does. Making sure that you have a way to call emergency services or to reach family or friends is the only way to travel.

  • If at any time in a foreign country you are detained by anyone who says they are an official, ask for identification and request to be taken to the police station.

  • Never talk about your hotel, your room number, your money, your finances or your travel plans within earshot of strangers or in restaurants or other areas.

  • Make sure that you have alternate travel plans so that in the case of a delay or cancellation of your transportation that you can still get where you are going.

  • Hold your children firmly by the hand and keep them with you at all times. Never leave your children unattended when on holiday unless you do so with a licensed child care agency or with a friend.

Your holiday or vacation is to relax and enjoy life. Make sure that you stay safe so that you can enjoy your time out. Just pay attention and your travel will be safe and enjoyable.

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