Talking Alarm Clocks Add Fun and Education in the Room

Every individual should know all of the benefits talking alarm clocks to help people wake up when there really is a need to wake up.

This can be particularly useful for children that need to wake up for school every day or in time to eat their first meal of the day. However, the sound that the alarm wakes may not give a child a big smile on his or her face when the person is forced to wake up and alarm clocks in general may not blend in with the lively and vibrant room environment. Some fun can be added along with education too if talking alarm clocks are purchased.

About Talking Alarm Clocks

One perfect example of this talking alarm clock is the American Innovative Teach Me Time! This alarm clock has an attractive yellow face and blue ring around it that is situated on a sphere with stands. It is laid out as an analog clock, but also has a digital time found underneath the analog clock so kids can see the time in the two most common forms.

It is designed as a time-teaching tool to help kids understand how to know the time by looking at both forms. It is fully interactive as the alarm clock talks to the user making it easy to learn the analog and digital aspects of the alarm clock. Five difficulty levels are available and are slated for children aged 5-7 years old.

Talking Alarm Clock

Younger children aged 3-5 years old can still enjoy the alarm clock by utilizing the color-changing nightlight that is built-in to the clock. The wake-up time is completely adjustable and will change from yellow to green when triggered.

Older children can make use of the clock as well since it has the same basic features as an ordinary alarm clock where the time can be set for the alarm to sound. It is complete with a snooze function just in case added sleeping time is needed.

A few customization options are also possible even on the external side where the blue bezel can be interchanged with a pink or yellow bezel. All bezels are included to better match the room or personality. The alarm can also be set to display the time in analog, digital, or both. The brightness can also be adjusted according to the lighting of the room so it looks better.

The volume can be freely adjusted as well so the alarm sound can be louder or softer. This alarm clock can be powered by AAA batteries or by AC adapter to make it easy to set up. It is also a safe alarm clock to use as it has been tasted for any lead paint content which proved to pass.

There are other talking clocks that are similarly styled and also aim to teach kids how to read the time in a fun, but useful and educational way. These clocks also do not cost very much either being priced at less than $50.

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