Swimming Pool Alarms for the Above Ground Pool

Swimming pool alarms for the above ground pool.

Swimming pools are wonderful to have and enjoy during the hot months of summer.

They do have however, one disturbing fact about them, for all the fun that they present to us. By the very process of owning them, they present a danger. The danger is of a young child climbing the gate or fence and getting into trouble when investigating the inviting water.

The question to consider is how to keep an eye on the pool when you can't keep an eye on the pool?

One of the answers is to install an above ground pool alarm on your swimming pool to reduce the risk of an accident. The most reliable alarms are designed to detect someone entering the pool when it is unattended and weighing over fifteen pounds.

These swimming pool alarms are set on the edge of the pool and send an alarm to the receiver located in the house with a range of about two hundred feet.

Alarms are designed to resist tampering and they will even emit a sound when removed from the poolside without key or proper codes. Powered by a 9-volt battery, and equipped with a low battery indicator, the above ground pool alarm will save a child's life.

Pool Alarms

It only takes a few minutes for a child to drown. It can take place in a nominal amount of water. In fact, drowning can take place in as little as two inches of water and in less than five minutes. This is less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee.

According to the latest statistical evidence, drowning by kids under the age of 15 is the second most common fatal accident that takes place among children.

The best swimming pool alarms will be able to be used with a solar blanket and use the latest technology to sense the difference between rain, wind or toys entering the water. The pool alarms work on a pool measuring thirty feet in diameter and pools up to eight hundred square feet in size. Pool alarms undergo many tests before being released to the public.

New advances in technology and the use of layered systems covering the fenced area around the pool do play a part in the safety of children; however, they are not meant to replace a person.

They do, however make the job of keeping your children and others safe from the dangers that exist in an unwatched pool. The pool owners are responsible to make sure the installation of the above ground pool alarms is done properly and kept maintained.

Never leave any child unattended in a pool or even a bathtub and make certain that you have pool alarms installed in any swimming area that you may have on your property.

Many states do have laws requiring the installation of such alarms in or on the pool area so it is a good idea to check your local and state regulations.

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