Sleep Apnea Sufferer

I am wondering where and how to get a dog certified as medical alert dog when they picked up the skill themselves.

My male chihuahua is very in tuned to me and he is the reason I am living right now, he has been waking me in the middle of the night sometimes several times and sometimes 1 or 2 times, to make a long story short. I find out from my doctor that I have sleep Apnea and the my dog has been waking me when I stop breathing in my sleep.

This little guy went as far one time when he couldn't wake me to go and get my German Shepherd to pounce on me to wake me up, I woke up gagging but I woke up!!

Most people with this have to wear a C-PAP machine to bed to do the job my little chihuahua has been doing for some time.

He deserves to be certified and he trained himself according to my needs, so I need to find out how to make that happen.

The local government here in Sacramento CA has been of no help asking me several questions about getting a dog license.

Please help just need some guidance here.

Thank you

Glad to hear your pet has helped save your life. More and more pets are becoming a major part of the lives of those suffering from serious illnesses. See the link below to locate training facilities in your area.

Please come back and update us on your experience.

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