Internet Safety Tips Must be Taught at Home

Common sense Internet Safety Tips must be taught.

As a general rule, the internet is a great place for kids. There is so much there that they can learn, so many great offerings by superb websites which give them a means to do homework, studies, and a wide assortment of entertainment.

Movies, music, and free television are all part of the internet. Another part of the internet is association with other teens or middle school children.

These are other kids who are also on the internet in various chat rooms and venues that the children can spend time learning. The down side is that in some cases, the children aren't really children, and attempts to gain personal information from children takes place.

COPPA, The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, another legislation that affects the internet is now a federal law. It was created in order to keep children safe online.

This law prevents websites from requiring information from children that is not necessary for them to know. COPPA requires that websites explain their personal privacy policy and that if they do require personal information they must be certain that the parents know and agree to their offering personal information.

Child Safey Tips

While this is generally very useful, the reality is that often times children do not want their parents to know what they are doing and with whom they are speaking.

While COPPA, is one way in which your children are protected by legislating the internet, children internet safety is also the responsibility of every parent to assure.

One way in which you can accomplish that is to use a keystroke logger or other parental software to insert onto your computer, and to teach your kids some internet safety tips.

If you are not willing to accomplish this, then the fact is that other steps must be taken to assure the safety of your children.

Parental software is one of the best internet safety tips for kids. Using a parental of supervisory software is an important aspect of your child's online experience. This is particularly true if you have children who are using the computer while you are not in the immediate area.

Even with parental software, the reality is that your kids may find a way to see and do things online that you'd prefer that they did not. It is our job as parents to assure that the contacts and the contents that we'd like to prevent our children from viewing are restricted.

Internet safety tips for kids that you should be teaching every day are these:

  • Never give out your full name or address.

  • Telephone numbers to those who you may know from school are acceptable to offer only with the knowledge and approval of your parents.

  • If anyone tries to get you to meet them from the internet, unless you already know that person, the answer should always be no, the event should always be reported to an adult, and the conversation broken off immediately.

Very often adults will pretend to be children or teens in an effort to lure teens into meetings. This is something that authorities work hard to prevent, but make sure that your children know that this is not safe.

Make sure that your kids know about some of the things that go on the internet. The reality is that the internet is not much different than the world. If you would not permit your kids to get into a car with strangers, then not telling them about the dangers that may also lurk online would be a grave mistake.

The teaching of internet safety tips to your children is common sense. You would not let them face the chance that your home might catch fire without offering them some idea of how to get out of the house.

You would likewise not neglect to instruct your kids about taking gifts from strangers or accompanying them somewhere. The internet is a positive and amazing place for kids to learn and grow, but it too has dangers that our children need to be made aware of.

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