How to Alarm Louvered Windows

How to alarm louvered windows is something that you will read a great deal about, but the general consensus is unique to every company that you come across. In fact, in most cases, the answer that you're going to get is as difficult as the question.

Most burglaries or robberies happen because your home looks like an accessible place. Most break-ins will take place in those homes with some of the things that are easier to access, have darkened areas around them, or are in areas that are obscured from vision.

Louvered windows are one of the great tests. They are easy to access and are very difficult to alarm. While you can secure them in some ways to your home, and then alarm the area, the method is not fool proof in any way, shape, or form.

Louvered Window

Teaching you how to alarm the louvered windows for your home alarm system and explaining what is required to make sure that you are safe and secure with your new alarm system is possible. The reality is though, that it's not in your best interests.

Louvered windows allow relatively easy access to the house and as such, are simply best replaced.

Most alarm companies will offer you the same advice if you request it. How to alarm those louvered windows is tricky. It can be done, but in all honesty, your home will not be as secure with the louvered windows in place as it would be without them.

Louvered windows are no longer the stylish element that they once were and are no longer the safer way to accomplish your house alarm system. While you can make them more secure than they inherently are, to do so is much the same as trying to keep your house safe with a door missing.

It's possible to do so, but it will by and large be accidental, not by design.

When you seek out home alarm systems , ask your home alarm company what they would recommend as far as securing a home that has louvered windows as part of the design.

In some cases, they will give you recommendations on how to secure louvered windows or how to alarm louvered windows, but nearly all will offer a second recommendation. That if it is possible for you to do so, you should considered replacing the louvered windows and doors in your home rather than to try to alarm them.

While it may be moderately successful, it will never be as successful as removing and replacing them.

Louvered windows have a place and in most cases, when used on inside rooms, they are functional as well as decorative. For external access areas, they are simply not secure. How to alarm louvered windows can be summed up for you in a single word--don't.

Replace them and then alarm the replacement windows to assure the security and safety of your home and the occupants.

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