A Home Fire Door, Several Reasons To Consider Upgrading Your Home’s Garage Door

What is a home fire door? It's a specially designed door that slows down both heat and flame, keeping them from getting into the rest of the house easily. You have an array of fire door products and materials to pick from when you're trying to improve and protect your home.

For several years, homes were built with attached garages, which have a door that leads into the home. The wall that separates the home and garage should be a firewall with the door being a fire door.

Why? When you make safety improvements and upgrades, it can increase the price of your home, as it's an additional feature.

Why You Should Upgrade The Home/Garage Door

There are many reasons you should upgrade your door, and these reasons, far exceed what it would cost. The door is an obstacle that keeps a fire from getting into the home. What are the reasons why you should have a fire door and wall between the rest of your home and the garage?

Keep in mind that a fire door and wall will increase the amount of time you have to get out of the house when a fire starts in the garage. Your garage is often filled with all kinds of flammable things such as your vehicle, gasoline, water heater, air conditioning/heating units, boxes, liquids, stored items, etc.

Every one of these things can be hazardous to a fire protection plan. And, when you sell your home, potential homeowners understand this. If you upgrade the area with both a fire door and wall, you can add this to the selling point, which will raise the home's value and boost your safety at the same time.

Why You Should Have One Installed In Your Home

Take 10 random people who have been through a fire and ask them what it was like. Each one of those 10 is going to tell you that it happened so fast. Fires move very quickly, and in a home, it takes just mere minutes for it to become fully engulfed.

Home fire protection means doing everything in your power humanly possible to impede a fire's movement so that you and your family can have the chance to escape.

Many fires will begin in the garage and usually in the overnight hours. This is why having a fire door and wall are so important. While a home fire protection begins with a fire door, there is more that encompasses it. Other things that need to be included in your fire protection plan are:

  • Fire drills
  • Escape plans
  • Smoke detectors
  • Home fire alarms
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Escape ladders
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Noxious gas protectors

When you have these items and can make upgrades to your home, you'll significantly increase the home's value and selling price. After all, this is a selling point that you can make and list it as an upgrade.

If you can point out the fire door specifically to the buyers, they'll realize that it's not something they'll see in other homes they decide to look at or have looked at. Buyers are looking to protect their family like you do and a home fire door and wall can ensure that protection for fires that begin in a garage.

Ask yourself this: Do you want your family to have additional time to get out of a house in case there is a fire? Of course you do!

Make the upgrade to a include a home fire door today!

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