The Importance Of Fire Safety to Teach Your Children. Two Tips Every Child Should Know Before A Fire Breaks Out

Fire safety is important for everybody to learn but it's certainly an imperative measure for children to understand. If you want kids to have good habits, then you must start when they are young.

These good habits stem over into preventing fires and how to behave if they are caught in a fire. After all, you want them to not start fires or panic during a fire. What tips do you need to ensure that you teach your children all about what to know about fires?

A Step In The Right Direction: 2 Tips To Teaching Children All About Fire Education

1 - Inform/Show Them The Basic Information

When you're talking to your children about fire safety, you want to begin with the general information. The first thing you should do is walk them to each place you have a fire detector in your home.

Explain to them why it's important to have a working fire detector including when the batteries should be changed. While you're at it, test the detector to show them how effective they can be. By doing this, you can instill good habits they can take with them when they grow up and move out into their own place.

Don't forget to teach them how they're supposed to use a fire extinguisher since this can be very beneficial in the event of a kitchen fire or lab accident, keeping it from turning into a more catastrophic (and potentially deadly) fire.

2 - Hold Fire Drills

It's imperative to get kids acclimated to fire safety and one of the best ways you can do this is to hold regular fire drills. There are several things kids must know during a fire drill that will keep them safe.

  • First, where all exits are inside your home.
  • Second, what to do if they find their bedroom door is blocked by the smoke and heat.
  • Third, where to meet you once they get out of the house (this ensures you that no one is still in the house).

If you have a two-story home, consider having a lightweight portable fire safety ladder installed. All you have to do is attach them to the window, which would allow your kids to climb down safely and meet you at the designated meeting spot.

Regular fire drills will instill everything the child needs to know to ensure that they escape the burning home quickly and safely. If a fire occurs, they'll instinctively know what to do and where to go in a safe and peaceful manner. And, once they understand everything, they can teach other kids.

It is imperative kids around these items understand why they need to wear the proper clothing, wear the approved goggles and how to treat the materials they are using so they can stave off a potentially dangerous accident. They can also use this information when messing around in the kitchen. It's imperative you know all about kids' fire safety, as it is beneficial to you and them.

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