Fire Safety Equipment Before The Flames: Three Preventive Measures You Can Take Before A Fire Erupts

It's essential to have fire safety equipment on hand, at all times. Any person, who has ever gone through the experience of an out of control fire, whether in their home or place of employment, knows that fire safety is one thing that should never be tossed aside without care. All too often, however, people slack in this area, not thinking twice about fire safety until it's too late. How can you avoid falling into this trap at home or work?

3 Tips On How You Can To Stay Safe Before A Fire Erupts

1 - Fire Safety Equipment

It's essential to have fire safety equipment on hand, at all times. This includes having fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers in several places of the building. If it's an office building, there should be a sprinkler system and maps that detail the way out of the building during a fire.

It's imperative that your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors' batteries are replaced regularly. You should also do tests on them to ensure that they do work. If you don't test them, they're liable to be out of juice at the most inopportune and important time.

2 - Regular Fire Drills

Regardless of where you are, it's important to have fire drills on a regular basis. Fire drills help ingrain where fire exits are located so folks will reach them without hurting themselves or others. It's never a bad idea to have fire drills in the home so everybody will know how to escape without being injured.

A big advantage of holding fire drills is that everybody will know what is expected of them during an actual fire. They'll stay calm and maneuver their way out of the building quicker.

If you have more than one floor of a home or building, it doesn't hurt to add portable fire escape ladders to improve your ways to escape. After all, if all the exits are blocked, you can go out the window safely.

3 - Working Safely Around Chemicals

Do you work in an area that has flammable chemicals, solvents and tools? Maybe you work in a kitchen or chemistry lab? It's very important that you wear the right clothing and (if called for, goggles) while around these items.

You should also know how to safely use the items so you don't accidently injure yourself and start a fire. Make sure that all flammable chemicals/liquids are stored away in a fire safety cabinet. By doing this, you keep accidental spills from happening and causing a fire.

One More Tidbit:

While the above three tips are great to use when you're trying

to be fire-safe, it's not a bad idea to find out more information from your local fire department. Have them go over your place to see if there is anything you might have missed.

The fire department will also give you information on the fire regulations, codes and rules, things you should know to stay safe before and during a fire.

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