Keeping Aware of Environment Action Alerts from the comfort of your home.

Environment action alerts are provided by an online community called "Action Network". The environment constantly changes on a day-to-day basis either in either a good or bad way.

The type of changes to the environment can depend on the people's activities. If there are no reports of any changes in the environment in one area, there are definitely some changes going on in other parts of the world. Tracking these changes is often difficult even with the so many environmentalist groups out there leading to the importance of environment action alerts.

About Action Network

Action Network claims to be the largest online community in the world that shows deep concerns of everyone's health and the planet itself. It is a collaboration of over 170 leading organizations that advocate environment preservation and health. Over 800,000 members are part of this network since it is very easy to become one yourself. Registered members known as "Activists" have the privilege of voicing out any concerns relating to environmental and health concerns as well as reactions on current events around the world. These activists work together combining all general opinions that can be then forwarded to key policymakers and elected officials regardless of location. It is Action Network that takes care of the sending of these personalized messages to ensure that their word is heard.

Purpose of these Alerts

The environment action alerts are a great way to get notified for all environment-related happenings around the world. It doubles as a convenient news portal where guests and activists alike can browse all the campaigns available understanding the different situations going on. The alerts are organized chronologically so that activists can reply and make a voice on every single alert with ease and since opinions count in Action Network, possibilities of resolving the problem increase if more activists are fully aware of what the world's environmental problems are.

Alerts also serve as a "call to action" where visitors of the site can sign petitions or send e-mails to officials regarding the situation by filling up a short form from the comfort of your home. Unlike organizations, participating isn't a huge effort opening up a great opportunity for anyone with an Internet connection to react with any of the environment action alerts brought up by the community.

Campaigns Available

Many of the campaigns available are environmental-related, but there are also some world issues that are brought up as alerts that have nothing to do with the environment at all, but still require immediate attention. These are usually situations caused in one area of the world that other areas of the world do not agree in. One example is the current conflict between China and Tibetan Buddhist teachers when Religious Order No. 5 took effect last 2007 requiring Chinese government permission for spiritual practices like reincarnation to take place. Each situation has a petition or letter demanding a resolve with some of the letters allowing to be edited. There are currently over 30 campaigns active as action alerts with some starting several years ago and are still accepting petitions and comments. Some of the campaigns link to another website highlighting the specifics of the action.

How you can play a Role

Action Network offers plenty of ways for Internet surfers to make a difference in the environment by simply signing up in the main to receive action alerts and progress updates via e-mail. You can also sign up in the partner sites which are linked to the network as well for specific updates to campaigns that interest you most.

Signing up for newsletters isn't a requirement as frequently checking the site for updates can also keep you informed. Taking a look at the active list of campaigns is easy and clicking on the campaign, links you to a form where you can post your reactions. The bigger environmental campaigns each have a corresponding signup form. Registered activists can manage their subscription and check their "To Do" list to see what needs to be done to aid the campaign.

Active Network is an excellent source for environmental current events and great online center to make your opinions count and possibly influence decisions. As long as you are updated with the environment action alerts, you can respond to more environmental crises and get friends onboard to convince them to make a difference too.

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