Bath Alarms for the Baby Bathtub at Home

Bath alarms are one of the most safety conscious and unique ways to safeguard not only your home but also your child for under twenty dollars.

A baby bathtub doesn't require a lot of water in it and likewise, you want to monitor the temperature of the water that you are offering to your infant or toddler. The correct temperature for the bath for your children and babies is approximately 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Keeping your bathwater at this temperature will assure the safety of smaller children and prevent burns.

It's not at all uncommon for the water to be hotter than we think that it is and the small alarm monitor offers you a means to know precisely what the bath temperature is. Waterproof, inexpensive, and requiring only 2 double A batteries to operate, the baby bathtub is the perfect place to use the bath alarm in order to assure a good water temperature.

Bath Alarms

Keeping track of the water level and the water temperature is important. This remarkable little tool does both, helping you to monitor the depth of the water and the temperature of it in order to secure both your home and your child.

O, the magazine of the Oprah network featured these small wonders more than four years ago, and still not a great many parents realize what a wonderful tool is available to them for a very low cost.

The alarms look very much like a small starfish. It is a sensor that will monitor the level of the water in the tub as well as the temperature that is achieved in the bath water.

You don't have to check the water temperature repeatedly as you fill it and when the tub is full, your bath alarm will let you know that you should shut off the water, so you're able to leave the tub as it is filling.

The unit should be attached to the inside of your bathtub. You put the suction cup section of the alarm on the inside wall precisely where you want the water level to be. When the water reaches that level of fullness in the tub, the alarm sounds to let you know that you should turn off the water.

This is particularly helpful if you are doing more than one thing at one time. When you've been distracted by the telephone or by a knock at your door, you're going to be alerted and reminded to shut off your bathing water.

The alarm is also helpful to assure that the proper temperature is reached for your child's bath. The thermometer that is built into the alarm unit will give you a flashing read out of the water temperature so that you know if it's too warm for your baby or toddler.

Never leave your baby or toddler in the bath alone, and do try the alarm for your babie's bath to assure that your water is the perfect temperature.

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