Allergy Alerts and the Community

Allergy alerts are required so people can better plan their outdoor activities and avoid any allergens that can be contracted during certain weather conditions.

The advent of the web has introduced many new ways for people all over the country to be informed.

News events isn't really an eye opener since they have been covered in radio and TV stations years before the Internet, but they still show how well they can deliver information as soon as the event takes place. Now new and improved ways of notifying people have been made through the use of alerts and allergy alerts is one of them.

Significance of Allergy Alerts

Everyone should be familiar with allergies because over 60 million Americans suffer Allergies and other conditions such as hay fever. But the exact meaning of allergies may not be known to some and mistakenly referred to other diseases.

Allergy Alerts

You will know if you have an allergy if your immune system overreacts to a substance when inhaled, touched, or ingested. The overreaction results to sneezing, coughing, nasal congestion, and other minor annoyances. The substance is known as an allergen and it is often linked to the weather and outside elements.

How they Work

The alerts are provided by a service called which is also the site's home address. Its approach to the problem is delivering weather updates to subscribers of the allergy alert service so they can adjust their plans accordingly if the weather conditions are not advisable for people with certain allergies.

These alerts are provided via e-mail and are sent everyday in the morning. The site obtains the weather forecast information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - a trusted source for active weather alerts. The e-mail updates provided cover the next 2 days.

All that is required for the alerts to work for you is a simple subscription form to be filled up where only the e-mail address and zip code are required. Personal information can be supplied so the service can provide better alerts, but it is completely optional. After signing up, alerts will be e-mailed unless you decide to opt out.

Other Ways to Get Updated

If you do not like receiving e-mail updates, you can still retrieve a 4 day allergy forecast directly from the website. There is a textbox where you can enter the zip code of your state and immediately be directed to the weather forecast page.

The predominant pollen will be displayed along with the allergy levels of today and the next three days. Other standard weather data is posted as well doubling as a useful site to visit every day to check the local weather. There is also a link that shows what plants cause pollen in the local area.

Webmasters can optionally place a web widget on their own website to notify their visitors of allergy alerts as too. The embedded code is provided for free at their partner page where the weather information is posted in real-time in the zip code of their choice. This code is easy to paste and is just about as large as a square advertisement.

The widget doubles as a boosting agent to increase page views and possibly advertising revenue if the site deals with allergy related topics. If widgets aren't preferred, there are two smaller image buttons that can be clicked to visit the website.

The alerts can also be accessed via mobile phone where certain mobiles can use the included web browser application to head to the lightweight and mobile version of to see the same 4 day website and a 30 day history as well. Virtually all of the information can be seen on the mobile including the express weather information where weather statistics are shown.

The site should support all screen sizes as long as they are capable of accessing the Internet. Mobiles that have difficulty accessing the site can try going to Seeing the information is the same where only a 5-digit code is required.

If you check your mail using your phone often, you can see the updates on your mobile by taking advantage of the e-mail service. offers more than just important alerts making it a great site for people suffering from allergies or people who have friends that may have problems with allergies. Lots of useful information and fun facts regarding allergies are found on the site.

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