The Importance of Having a Working Smoke Detector in Your Home

If you’ve not been involved in a fire before, from time to time it can be just too easy to forget how important smoke alarms and smoke detectors are. However, no business or domestic property can afford to be without either hard wired or wireless smoke alarms. Smoke alarm systems have saved countless lives all over the world, by alerting people to fires before they spread and ensuring that they can escape the building in time. Without a fire escape plan in place however, smoke detectors have their limits. It’s important that everyone in your residence knows what to do in the event of a fire, which route to take out of the building and where to meet up once they escape. By drawing up a detailed plan before a fire surfaces, you can heighten the chances of survival if one does occur.

Choose Mains or Battery Smoke Alarms

Smoke detectors and smoke alarms need to be maintained regularly to ensure that they are working properly. This means testing them at least once a month, and following the instructions that come with them to the letter. Mains smoke alarms and battery smoke alarms can be relatively cheap, but the difference that they can make can be priceless. It’s also a good idea to invest in multiple smoke alarms rather than simply setting for one. Installing a smoke alarm on each floor is incredibly wise, and you may even consider installing them in bedrooms too, to ensure that deep sleepers can be awoken by them.

Never Be Without a Smoke Alarm

It’s not just the flames themselves that can cause harm but the other components involved too. Carbon monoxide for instance can kill, even before the heat itself has caused damage. Many home and business owners have chosen to invest in dual smoke alarms which not only detect flaming fires but smouldering fires too. Smouldering fires can be very dangerous as they can usually progress without being noticed until it is too late, due to the lack of flames involved. With dual smoke alarms at the fore, you can protect yourself, your family or colleagues from the dangers of both smouldering and flaming fires.

Domestic Smoke Detectors save Lives

You should never take the battery out of a smoke alarm for any reason unless it has stopped working. Many people have ‘borrowed’ batteries from alarms before to put them into other devices but have forgotten to replace them when they have finished with them. If an alarm is not being powered, it simply cannot detect a fire, and there’s never a guarantee that a fire won’t start to circulate at any point. Without domestic alarms, such as kidde smoke alarms, homeowners can find themselves gambling with life. In any case, if a fire does start to spread it is never wise to try and tackle it yourself - you should always leave it to the professionals. It’s also worth remembering that the best form of fire safety is to reduce the chances of one occurring in the first place. Never underestimate the importance of smoke alarms and smoke detectors in the home.

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