The Swine Flu Alerts Based on the World Health Organization's Pandemic Model

The World Health Organization's pandemic model has a total of six unique phases.

The swine flu alerts that are sweeping across the world is now at phase six which indicates that there is infection occurring in humans that is considered to be "widespread". The following information identifies the characteristics of each phase that has been associated with the swine flu as a whole:

It is important that each and every single person in the world keeps up to date on the swine flu alerts based on the World Health Organization's pandemic model. The swine flu of today is known by many different names. It is known as the "H1N1 Swine Flu", "H1N1", and even the "Pig Flu" despite the fact that today's version is not heavily associated with pigs like the previous outbreaks of this particular type of virus. As a matter of fact, the strain that exists in our world today is not at all associated with past outbreaks in pigs.

The World Health Organization uses a model that represents current stages in what is considered to be a "pandemic" or "an epidemic of infectious disease" throughout various areas. This organization assists in delivering timely
swine flu alerts to populations all over the world, as well as other potential, and current pandemics. In this guide, you will learn more about the pandemic model that is used to issue general swine flu warnings to the public.

Phase One

The first phase of a virus according to WHO's pandemic model indicates alerts to the public that inform them that the virus is more prevalent in animals. It also indicates that there have been human infections, but only in limited numbers.

Phase Two

In the second phase of an outbreak, the World Health Organization and Center for Disease control has indicated that an infection may be spread from animals to human subjects. As a result, the public is informed that a potential virus could occur.

Phase Three

This phase indicates that individuals in certain groups may have the virus. There is some transmission involved with the disease, but it is considered to be limited overall.

Phase Four

This phase indicates that there is a high level of transmission occurring. This could occur at community levels. This phase marks the fact that a pandemic could occur at any time, and certain countries around the world may be issued the right to develop what is referred to as a "containment operation" in order to control the spread of the condition.

Phase Five:

This phase of the swine flu virus indicated that individuals within a specific country region from a minimum of two countries have been infected with the virus. At this stage, officials are urged to develop plans for the potential of a very likely pandemic.

Phase Six

This phase indicates that there is an official pandemic. When this alert was issued for the swine flu, it indicated that the swine flu is affecting the world on a global scale.

It is important that you track and monitor any type of swine flu alerts issued. You should also create a pandemic emergency kit in order to ensure that you and your family are prepared in the event that you are infected with this virus. By doing so, you will know where the swine flu is breaking out, the symptoms associated with it, and when to seek the assistance of a doctor.

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